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Architects for ERP concepts and strategies

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Which IT strategy are we pursing in the ERP environment, taking into consideration topics such as globalisation, Industrial Internet of Things IIoT/I4.0, Cloud or On-Premise, etc. and….where are the answers to these questions?

The requirements in relation to system support in the ERP environment (including the respective CRM, SCM and MES processes) are permanently changing – at a continuously accelerating pace.

It’s not so much a question of selecting a completely new ERP System – this decision can often be made on the basis of less strategic criteria –  but of:

  • Differentiation against or interaction with MES
  • Individual topics such as production planning and scheduling
  • IT developments plans
  • Roll-out concepts
  • System consolidation
  • Business-driven extensions and transformation processes
  • up to the IT integration for mergers & acquisitions.

And this is where companies frequently run up against their limits, both in terms of capacities and in terms of methods and expertise.

HIR GmbH supports industrial companies in the strategic analysis and the operational design of their processes and IT systems in the ERP/SCM environment. Being mandated by well-known large groups such as Daimler, Evonik, Linde, and KION and by numerous mid-size companies from various sectors confirms HIR’s expertise in the field of strategic IT tasks.