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Between Excel-based planning and high-end applications


Planning replaces chance with error. How much truth is in this provocative statement when it comes to production planning and scheduling? What are the reasons why many companies are not able or not willing to give up their Excel solutions? Why does classic MRP-based production planning and scheduling  fail so often and are there useful supplements or alternatives using Advanced Planning and Scheduling APS tools or MES-based planning tables and what about Shop Floor Dispatching and Monitoring Solutions?

It pays off here, because depending on the quality of production planning and scheduling stands or falls the quality of on-time deliveries, on-demand material supply and the efficiency of production. Fast and reliable delivery date statements with appropriate delivery deadlines, on-demand orders and call offs to suppliers and predictable, efficient production continue to represent the livelihood of most industrial companies.

These are reasons enough to give the topic due attention. But here, companies often reach their limits both in therms of capacities and in therms of methods and expertise.

HIR supports industrial companies in the analysis and operational design of their processes and IT systems for production planning and scheduling. The topic is one of our core competences. Often, this is a main focus of our MES and ERP consulting mandates.